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Pussy Feast
Sep 9, 2013
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  • Brunette
  • Girl-Girl
  • Hardcore
  • Landing Strip Pussy
  • Lesbian
  • Long hair
  • Shaved Pussy
  • Tan
  • Thongs
  • Toys

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Sara Luvv sits on the bed dressed in a sheer camisole as she awaits her lover Megan Salinas. The girls come together with obvious passion, kissing eagerly and peeling off each other's skimpy clothes.

Megan presses her woman down on the bed, kissing her way down Sara's body with a long hot stop at the brunette's high little breasts. When Megan again moves down and slides Sara's panties from her landing strip slit, things really heat up.

Sara's moans are indicative that Megan is doing an incredible job with her mouth and tongue as she dives in to her lover's dripping folds. Megan's latches her mouth onto her lover's sensitive clitoris and she sucks with extra flicks of her tongue as she drives Sara wild with pleasure. Sara's gasps grow higher and faster as her orgasm crashes through her, and the girls exchange a satisfied smile before switching places.

Kneeling on her hands and knees, Megan spreads her legs so that Sara can bury her face in in her shaved slit. Sara holds her tongue stiff and hard so that she can use it as a makeshift dildo to thrust inside Megan's tight sheath, getting her woman hot and ready for more.

When Megan can feel her orgasm coming closer, she pulls a vibrating toy from behind the pillow and hands it to Sara. Sara knows what to do, turning the toy on and applying it to Megan's weeping pussy as she wraps her free hand in her woman's long dark hair.

As Megan grows closer to her climax, the girls adjust their positions so that Megan is on top, kneeling above Sara with her pussy in perfect licking position. Sara's arms are just long enough to grope her lover's heavy tits as she goes to town with her tongue, driving Megan crazy with desire until she cums hard and fast.

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