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Sexual Tension, Friday 10/3

Working out with a partner is a good way to get motivated, especially when the reward for a job well done is some steamy sex like in Sexual Tension, our next upcoming film.

Sexy spinner Kacy Lane makes sure that her lover gets in his reps before rewarding him with a juicy blowjob and then climbing aboard to ride his big dick until her whole body trembles with pleasure. I love watching her work her hips as she pumps up and down atop her lover's cock.

Check out Sexual Tension when it is released on Friday, October 3. Kacy is in fine form as she takes her man for a hot and heavy ride.

Epic Love, Tuesday 9/30

We've got a treat for you with Epic Love, our next upcoming film.

Luscious Yozi kicks things off by giving us quite a show in the shower as she runs her hands all over her slick soapy body before focusing her attention on her juicy bald twat. When she's all warmed up, she runs out to her lover to have him finish the job by delivering a ball slapping pussy pounding. I love the intensity, especially when Yozi milks the cum from her man's cock in a juicy creampie.

Epic Love is set to come out on Tuesday, September 30. Don't miss our newest hardcore film and the chance to enjoy Yozi's Nubile Films debut!

Friends With Benefits, Saturday 9/27

Popular models Cayla and Mindy come together for an outstanding lesbian fuck fest in Friends With Benefits, our next film on deck.

Mindy is bent on seduction as she comes to Cayla wearing nothing but a pair of panties and captures her lover's mouth in a luxurious kiss. That sensual beginning kicks off a lesbian fantasy where each partner is determined to please the other. I love the way Cayla's hips are in constant motion rocking back and forth as Mindy pushes her fingers deep and hard into her lover's juicy snatch.

Friends With Benefits will be released on Saturday, September 27. Cayla and Mindy are explosive together, so don't miss it!

Sweet Like Candy, Wednesday 9/24

Using whipped cream in the bedroom can produce explosive results as we can see in Sweet Like Candy, our next upcoming film.

Aiko Mai and Angellina are a dynamic pairing whose explosive chemistry comes through from the very start. The whipped cream at the beginning is hotter than hell, and the way these two follow that up with enthusiastic pussy eating and fast and furious pussy fingering makes this film incredible from start to finish.

Be one of the first to watch Sweet Like Candy when it is released on Wednesday, September 24, and enjoy this sizzling lesbian fantasy!

Makeup Sex, Sunday 9/21

A fight between lovers can become a net positive after a bout of red hot makeup sex. That's the premise of Makeup Sex, our next film to be released.

Blonde babe Summer Carter makes her Nubile Films debut with a bang as she instigates a big fight with her man. Of course, the equally explosive sex that follows makes up for her assumptions! I really like the way the stairs are used in this one. Summer is really acrobatic in her lovemaking as she takes advantage of all the handholds around her for an athletic raunchy fuck fest.

We will release Makeup Sex on Sunday, September 21. Check back to enjoy this fast and furious hardcore film.

Loving Touch, Thursday 9/18

Fantasizing about your lover while waiting for them to arrive is the perfect way to whet your appetite for the raunchy sex to come. That's the idea behind Loving Touch, our next film to be released.

Luscious Mindy is back to show us all how passionate she can be when she's forced to wait for her pleasure. I enjoy the sensuality of this one. Mindy and her many really care about each other and it shows in every touch and stroke. My favorite part is the way Mindy rides her guy with short shallow strokes that you just know are hitting her sweet spot!

Loving Touch will be available on Thursday, September 18. You won't want to miss this sensual hardcore film.

Fucking Hot, Monday 9/15

Are you ready for a sweet and sexy lesbian film? If so, then you'll definitely want to check out Fucking Hot, our next movie to be released.

Sultry sweetie Katy Rose is joined by newcomer Lusila for a bedroom romp that you will love. I really enjoy watching these two play together with plenty of give and take, but most of all I like watching Katy take her time driving her lover wild with slow strokes of her fingers buried deep in Lusila's dripping pussy.

Check out Fucking Hot when it goes live on Monday, September 15 and be among the first to enjoy this sweet, sensual encounter.

Bed Of Roses, Friday 9/12

Sexy spinner Veronica Rodriguez is back in our sensual upcoming film Bed Of Roses.

If you've ever dreamed of surprising your lover with a trail of rose petals to the bed, your fantasy is lived out here. Veronica is totally willing to be seduced by pretty lingerie and jewelry, and she shows her appreciation by giving her lover a hot and sexy ride in her tight little pussy. I can never get enough of watching Veronica squirt her juices everywhere each time she cums.

Check back on Friday, September 12 for Bed Of Roses. Veronica is as hot as ever in this consummate couple's film.

As We Lay, Tuesday 9/9

Waking up to your lover’s touch and knowing that hot sex is in your future sounds like the perfect way to start the day, as we see played out in our next upcoming film As We Lay.

Mindy is awoken by her horny lover, and this insatiable hottie knows just what to do. I love the way she sucks her lover’s cock with slow sweeps of her tongue, but I think my absolute favorite part of this one is the way that Mindy rides her guy’s dick with her tits bouncing and her hand busy fondling her horny clit.

We will release As We Lay on Tuesday, September 9. You won’t want to miss Mindy in her first hardcore film!

Blonde Seduction, Saturday 9/6

Luscious blondes Sierra Nevadah and Jessie Volt have come together to bring you a lesbian treat in Blonde Seduction, the second film in our lesbian double header this week.

I really enjoyed watching the way Sierra and Jessie go at each other in the beginning of the film, peeling each other's clothes off before Jessie takes total control and guides Sierra to the bed. My favorite part, though, is definitely watching Sierra take Jessie to another plane of pleasure while Jessie's up on her hands and knees with her hips rocking into Sierra's hand.

You will fall in love with Blonde Seduction when it is released on Saturday, September 6. Be sure to come back and check it out!

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