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Missed Your Loving, Saturday 7/26

When two lovers have been separated for a long time the sex when they reunite is always spectacular. We've tried to capture that in Missed Your Loving, our next upcoming film.

Janice Griffith is a voracious lover in this movie, cumming again and again and always going back for more. My favorite part is hands down watching her ride her man in reverse cowgirl as she arches her back and rubs her clit and pumps her hips all at the same time. She's incredible!

Check back for Missed Your Loving on Saturday, July 26. Janice is amazing and you will surely love her hot hardcore film.

Cumming For Dinner, Wednesday 7/23

When a girl offers to cook dinner there's often something else on offer, no matter how the meal turns out. That's the premise of Cumming For Dinner, our next upcoming film.

Luscious newcomer Abby Cross invites her man for dinner and dessert. Even though dinner doesn't turn out the way she planned, dessert is all this couple needs! Hands down my favorite part of this one is the camera angle we get as we watch Abby riding her man like her own personal stud. I love watching her pump those hips as her boobs bounce with her.

Cumming For Dinner will be released on Wednesday, July 23. Check back to watch Abby in her hardcore Nubile Films debut!

Getting Close, Sunday 7/20

If you enjoy fantasizing about two stunning girls who just can't get enough of each other, then Getting Close, our next upcoming film, is going to be for you!

Kitty Jane and Katy Rose are both voracious lovers. Together, they just can't get enough of each other! I love watching Katy's back arch with sheer pleasure as Kitty works her with her talented mouth and fingers. I think my favorite part, though, is the sensual 69 towards the end.

Definitely check back for Getting Close when it is released on Sunday, July 20. Kitty and Katy put on a lesbian show that is sure to leave you wanting more!

Ready To Cum, Saturday 7/19

Super sexy Natalie Lust was so popular that we knew we had to bring her back right away. Get ready to enjoy Ready To Cum, her next upcoming film.

In this one, Natalie is clearly getting ready for bed when she decides that masturbating will surely help her get to sleep. I can’t get enough of watching her work that vibrator on her dripping bald pussy while her hips gyrate with pleasure. She’s just so hot!

Check back for Ready To Cum when it is released in our members area on Saturday, July 19. Natalie is hot as hell, so don’t miss her latest update!

Before You Leave, Thursday 7/17

It's not unusual to wake up craving more the morning after a night of sex, and the temptation to stay for another round of fun can be too much if your lover is willing. That is the premise of Before You Leave, our next upcoming film.

Luscious Kacy Lane has already dressed when she tries to give her lover a goodbye kiss that quickly turns into a full-blown seduction. I love watching Kacy's blowjob in this one. She takes her time, using her hands and warm wet tongue to tease and harden every inch of her man's cock. Her reward comes from the hard hot fuck fest that follows!

You can watch Before You Leave when it goes live on Thursday, July 17. Don't miss this raunchy hardcore movie!

Make It Last, Monday 7/14

An outdoor seduction with plenty of oral sex and sensual slippery fun is always the way to go, and you'll get to enjoy a superb example of how it should be done in Make It Last, our next upcoming film.

Leyla Peachbloom is back in an all-new hardcore film that will get your pulse racing. This slender sweetie just can't keep her clothes on or her mouth off her man's hard cock. After such incredible oral sex, you can tell that her beau can't hold back when they finally start fucking! I love Leyla's moans of pleasure. You can tell she's just loving this!

Check out Make It Last when it is released on Monday, July 11. This hot hardcore film will get your week off to a great start!

Naked Yoga, Friday 7/11

It's not a big stretch for two girls who are into each other to take any opportunity to have steamy sex, which is the premise of Naked Yoga, our next upcoming film.

Blonde babes Dani Desire and Sierra Nevadah are in the midst of some outdoor yoga when they realize that their mutual horniness will only be satisfied with some wild sex. I really like the way they get naked and finish their workout before taking things a step further, but hands down my favorite part is the way Sierra rides Dani's face as her pussy is being eaten out from below. These two are hot as hell together!

Check back for Naked Yoga when it is released on Friday, July 11. You will love watching these two blondes have an outdoor lesbian romp!

Massage Session, Tuesday 7/8

Alexis Adams has shown us some of what she can do in her solo films, but in massage Session, our next upcoming film, she shows us how she shines in a hardcore scene.

After a short but sensual massage, Alexis puts those amazing tits of hers to work by oiling them up and taking her man's hard cock between them. I love the way she completely envelopes her man's dick with those big boobs and pumps with them until he is groaning his appreciation. And that's just the beginning of this raunchy romp!

We will release Massage Session on Tuesday, July 8. Check back to enjoy Alexis and her magnificent breasts.

Flying Solo, Sunday 7/6

If you enjoyed watching Alexis Adams enjoy herself with a vibrator in her last solo, then you will love her with her newest dildo in Flying Solo.

Alexis does a fabulous job of speaking with her body so that we all know how good she feels. I love the way her hips are constantly bucking and pumping as she works herself into a sexual frenzy, but my favorite part is the way her whole body goes rigid when she cums. You can tell she's having a great time!

Don't miss out on Flying Solo when it is released on Sunday, July 6. Alexis is a real pleasure as always, so be sure to tune in!

Dirty Thoughts, Saturday 7/5

It's always wonderful to introduce hot new models to our site, especially when their debut is a raunchy hardcore film like Dirty Thoughts.

Leyla Peachbloom has the looks of an angel, but she has the heart of a sexual deviant and it's incredible to watch! I love all of the anal licking in this one. Leyla just loves to take it in the ass and it shows as she squirms and moans her happiness as her man pleasures her tight ass hole.

We will release Dirty Thoughts on Saturday, July 5. Don't miss sweet and spicy Leyla's Nubile Films debut!

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