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Showstopper, Wednesday 10/7

Seduction is the name of the game when busty blonde Belle Claire steps onto the scene in Showstopper, our next upcoming film!

This hot number was so well received after her last film that we knew we had to bring her back! Everything about her oozes sex and sensuality, especially the way she sucks a hard cock while using both hands to enhance her man's pleasure. The hottest part, though, is when she is down on her hands and knees and her lover isn't entering her fast enough. I love the way her back arches and her hips rock back to get her fuck hole filled that much faster!

Don't miss out on Showstopper when it is released on Wednesday, October 7. Belle delivers another incredible performance that will leave you wanting more!

Through The Lens, Sunday 10/4

If you've ever dreamed of what happens to the lucky photographers who get to do photo shoots with hot models, then perhaps our next upcoming film, Through The Lens, can help fuel your fantasies.

Kimmy Granger and Jillian Janson are stunning models, but they're even hotter when they dress in bras and thongs and strut back onto the set together in full-on seduction mode. I really love watching their man as he eats out those two delectable pussies in this one. Even hotter, though, is watching the two girls work together to help one another deep throat their man's cock in preparation for a hot threesome.

Check out Through The Lens when it is released on Sunday, October 4. There's nothing hotter than two girls that are totally into each other's pleasure, and this film certainly fits the bill!

Anal Lovers, Thursday 10/1

Having a fun time with one lover is awesome, but when a second potential lover asks to join you for a threesome there's only one answer: Yes! That's the premise of Anal Lovers, our next upcoming film.

Adriana Chechik is feeling particularly horny after watching Hollie Mack and her man make out. She sneaks into the bedroom to join them, and they welcome her with open arms. You won't believe how hot the trio are, especially when Adriana has her man's cock pushed deep in her ass while Hollie finger fucks her.

Anal Lovers will be released on Thursday, October 1. Join this threesome for some hot sexy action that you won't soon forget!

Love Connection, Monday 9/28

When a lovely lady asks you to get her naked and give her a massage, the only answer is yes! That's the start of Love Connection, our next upcoming film, but things just get hotter from there.

Luscious Roxy James makes her Nubile Films debut by waking her man up with the promise of a hot time. She's such a sensual creature that almost everything she does is hot as hell, but my favorite moment is when Roxy gets on her knees with her cheek resting on the bed and her lush oiled ass up in the air as she waits to get her pussy pounded by her lover.

Love Connection is set for release on Monday, September 28. Come back then to enjoy Roxy's first film and check out this rising new star!

Turn Me On, Friday 9/25

There's nothing hotter to a woman than watching a man work out to keep his body tight. In our next upcoming film, Turn Me On, Megan Rain waits until she can't stand the horniness that washes over her any longer and then makes her move.

By far the hottest part of this one is when Megan is down on her hands and knees getting her tight little pussy fucked doggy style. She's wild and needy and totally out of control, and then her man slips his thumb into her ass and starts thrusting in time with his strokes and Megan just comes apart. You can't miss it!

Turn Me On will be released on Friday, September 25. Come back then to enjoy Megan's latest fil as this incredible brunette shows just how seduction is done!

Czech Girlfriends, Tuesday 9/22

Boy do we have a treat for you with Czech Girlfriends, our next upcoming film that features three stunning lesbians.

We've brought back delectable Antonia Sainz and paired her up with newcomers Belle Claire and Tracy Delicious. All three of these total babes are on point in this one, but without question my favorite part is watching Antonia on her hands and knees getting her tight little anus licked by Tracy while the blonde's busy hands thrust in and out of Antonia's tight pussy and fondle her tender clit. Watching Antonia squirm and moan while her girlfriend is going at her like that is just perfect!

Check out Czech Girlfriends when it's released on Tuesday, September 22. These three are hot as hell together, so definitely don't miss out!

Foreplay Fantasy, Saturday 9/19

A little bit of light bondage can go a long way as foreplay, as you'll experience in our next upcoming film Foreplay Fantasy.

We introduce a hot new model when Antonia Sainz takes the stage. This tight number makes sure her lover enjoys every second of being tied down as she taunts him with a wet and wild blowjob and then climbs aboard for a stiffie ride before she finally relents and unties him. Hands down, though, my favorite part is the way the tight coed arches her back to put her tits in the perfect position to receive her man's cum shot!

Foreplay Fantasy will be available on Saturday, September 19. Don't miss out on this delightful newcomer and her seductive debut film!

Young Love, Wednesday 9/16

If you've ever wanted to distract your lover while she's trying to work, then Young Love, our next upcoming film, will hit all the right buttons for you.

Newcomer Jennifer White shows off her tight horny body to its fullest extent. I could watch her lover knead those perky tits of hers with his hands all day. My favorite part, though, is when he bends her over the desk to go to town fucking her juicy bald pussy.

Check out Young Love when it is released on Wednesday, September 19. Jennifer is a hot new face that you're going to adore!

Strip Poker, Sunday 9/13

Playing games with your lover is tons of fun, especially when the end result is fun flirty sex like in our next upcoming film, Strip Poker.

Lusty Joleyn Burst may have lost at poker, but she can call herself a champion at sucking cock and riding her man until she cums. I could watch this blonde hottie with her mouth wrapped around a hard dick all day, and somehow watching her give her lover a stiffie ride is even more erotic!

Check back for Strip Poker when it is released on Sunday, September 13. Joleyn will blow you away with her sultry moves and her sassy mouth that sucks like a champ!

Lesbian Seduction, Thursday 9/10

When two gorgeous girls each dress up to rock the other's world like you'll get to see in our next upcoming film Lesbian Seduction, you know that they're bound to have a sultry hot time.

Luscious Amarna Miller has returned to Nubile Films and is joined by newcomer Vanessa Staylon. There's so much to enjoy about this one, but my favorite part is towards the end when Vanessa finds herself on her hands and knees on an ottoman with her dripping bald pussy so open that the world can see how very wet and ready she is to be fucked.

Lesbian Seduction will be released in our members area on Thursday, September 10. Check out these two ho coeds and enjoy a sexy, sensual lesbian fantasy.

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